Mike Hobson Instructional Programs


Throughout his career Mike has focused on growing the game of golf and improving as an instructor and player. He has sought out the best sports psychologists, personal trainers, swing coaches, and nutritionists where he gained many valuable tools to help make this game easier and more fun to learn.. His greatest strength is the ability to connect with his students and help them through the ups and downs of learning this great game. Mike looks forward to working with you and helping you improve both your mental, physical and technical skills.

“Mike has completely transformed my golf swing for the better over the last two years! I love Mike’s whole-body approach to the golf swing, his technical analyses, the individual swing improvement exercis-es, and Mike’s very fun and supportive personality. Mike’s coaching has resulted in several strokes cut and much pleasure added to every round of golf.”  

– Dr. Brian Nattrass

Private Instruction
Individual Lesson: $60
4 hour block : $ 200
10 hour block: $ 450

Junior Golf  Instruction
All juniors will receive a 25% discount
on all private instruction.

Yoga For Golfers
Mike is a certified Level 2 YFG Programs instructor. The YFG program will help you gain strength and flexibility, avoid injury, play longer and stronger. Private coaching is available for $60.00 per hour. Training can be done at the 24/7 gym facility or on the driving range on nice days.

Group Classes
$20 per person (5-6 students)
$25 per person (3-4 students)
$40 per person (2 students)

Monthly Coaching Program
$119 per month
Students will receive 1 hour of professional instruction each week. The program runs from June to October with no obligation to commit for more than one month at a time. Students will be in classes of 6 or less.

Monthly Junior Coaching Program
$95 per month.
Receive 1 hour of professional instruction every week! Students will be in groups of 4-6 and learn skills in athletic development, fundamentals of golf and mental game training. Curriculum is based on the Long Term Player Development Plan for Golf in Canada.

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